By bringing together a team of passionate experts with international experience and complementary skills, Excellence Vin supports the world’s greatest estates on La Place de Bordeaux.

Laurent Quancard - Excellence Vin



A sworn courtier, Laurent established his office specialized in Grands Crus in 1994 and quickly became one of the leading courtier in La Place de Bordeaux.
With his expertise, he had a visionary idea in 2008 to enrich La Place de Bordeaux with the World’s Greatest Wines.


• Mastery of La Place de Bordeaux and its players

• Support in the strategy of the Grands Crus Classés of Bordeaux

• Fervent defender of La Place and the interests of the brands

Jérémy QUIEVRE - Excellence Vin


General Manager

An agricultural engineer with extensive experience in Asia in the Fine Wines market, Jeremy obtained his courtier diploma in 2015 and took over the management of Excellence Vin, bringing his open-mindedness and global market vision.


• Diagnosis and recruitment of new estates

• Strategic management

• Commercial animation

Camille LABRIT - Excellence Vin

Camille LABRIT

Brand manager

A trained oenologist with technical experience across three continents, Camille oversees relationships with estates and operational follow-up with the négociants.


• Management of wine market launches on La Place

• Strategic monitoring

• Commercial animation of brands

• Relationship between estates and négociants

Mylène Erhart - Excellence Vin

Mylène Erhart

Data analyst

A linguist specialized in English and Japanese, Mylène stands out for her methodical and rigorous approach. Her detailed analyses of commercial performances serve as a compass for guiding strategic decisions.


• Analysis of the performance of négociants and estates

• Market trend analysis

• Development of strategic decision-making tool

Erwann BOIVIN - Excellence Vin


Business Development

Originally from Burgundy, Erwann is passionate about French Wines. With experience in fine wine merchant networks in Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong, he has solid commercial expertise and the trust of the Bordeaux trade.


• Market positioning analysis

• Strategic monitoring

• Trading and exchanges on La Place de Bordeaux

• Knowledge of networks

Manon Gardere - Excellence Vin

Manon Gardere


Daughter of Saint Émilion producers, Manon grew up among the vines. After an experience in California, she joined the team in 2022 to bring her enthusiasm and dynamism to the commercial follow-up and development of the company.


• Commercial animation and after-sales service with négociants

• Marketing management and launching of new releases

• Monitoring of market trends